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This past weekend, Google Canada was inundated with undergraduates from across Canada for 18 hours of high-intensity hacking. With a focus on wearable tech, 13 teams and over 75 hackers endeavoured to build ambitious projects on some of the hottest devices in today’s wearable tech scene. From Thalmic Labs’ gesture-control Myo armband and Bionym’s cardiac rhythm authentication Nymi bracelet, to Kiwi Wearables’ smart watch technology, Muse’s brainwave sensor headband and MeU wearable LED panels, the The Next 36 Wearable Tech Hackathon began with a host of innovative devices, and only became more intense and impressive as the night progressed.Wearable devices are becoming increasingly ubiquitous and seamlessly integrated into our day to day lives. Hardware is becoming lighter and thinner, and software is gaining the capacity to disrupt what were traditionally the bricks and mortar of vertically-integrated services. The question posed during the opening remarks of Chris Hodgson, Google’s...
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